Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dov Ber of Mezrich, Torah Ohr, Parshat VaYigash

Maggid Devarav LeYaakov Dov Ber of Mezrich Torah Ohr (translation mine- please credit me if you reproduce) Parshat Vayigash “And Yehudah approached [vayigash] him, and he said to him, ‘it is me [bi adoni] etc...’ The rabbis may, their memory be blessed, said that ‘approaching[hagasha]’ is nothing but prayer. It seems to me that this is what the passage is referring to when it says “Vayigash elav Yehuda-- and Judah approached him...” It is saying that this is how “a man of Israel” who is called by the name “a man of Judah” when he is standing to pray before HaShem Yitbarach, should behave. This is this that all of the intention of his prayer will be to draw down influence [lehashpi’a] from the Presence of his Power [shechinat uzo]. And this is what the rabbis may they be blessed, said: “One only stands to pray out of koved rosh [honor/heaviness of the head]. This means the honor of the reisha de kol reishin- the beginning of all beginning. Even if one is requesting their own needs- their intention will be that this thing is not lacking above, perish the thought. For the soul is a piece of God from above, and she is a limb from the limbs of the Shechinah. This is the essence of the request-- that it will be filled and it will be influenced above. And surely through this his prayer will be acceptable, and there will be no accuser prosecuting him and he will not be like the servants who are made to shout “hav hav”- and it is [written] in the holy book of the Zohar. It is also known that Speech is called “Yehuda”-- for the Thought which is called the “Yod heh” from Yehuda continues to the Voice which is called “vav” and the “vav” flows out to the “dalet” and a “heh” is made. And this is the interpretation-- “Vayigash”-when one approaches in prayer-- and he says make my request for You, for I am a part of God above. This is what is meant by “bi adoni” (it is in me, sire)-- and so do not get angry that you will prosecute me, for all of my intention is to linfluence above to a piece of the Creator- which is in me. And this is “bi adoni”- it is in me, sire.....”

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